TRAINORTHOT:Trans-national on-line course to provide specific vocational training to professionals on the treatment of foot pathologies

Foot pathologies are recognized as a social problem for European population, affecting a high percentage of people among 40 and 70 years old. 35% of these problems are serious enough to require medical care (EUROSHOE Project GIRD-CT-200-00343).

Most of the 25.000 companies of the orthopaedic sector in Europe are SMEs that must improve the skills and knowledge of their employees if they want to adapt themselves to the growing demand of work, and to the demands of new customers.

Nevertheless, the sector is facing some important barriers at the educational basis and training that may reduced the potential adaptation of these professionals to the society requirements.

In the foot orthopaedic sector, the educational programs, the categorization of the orthopaedic professionals and their competences and skills differ depending on the European country. Most remarkable differences appear when considering northern, southern and eastern European regions. Furthermore, the access to the training offer in mother languages is often a barrier to many professionals and students. Another characteristic of this sector is the poor communication between different members of the rehabilitation team (prescriptors and service providers) because of their different knowledge and skills.

TrainOrthot´s main objective is to create and validate a transnational e-learning training offer, tailored to meet the educational needs of the foot orthopaedic sector in different European countries by adapting and transferring the results obtained in a previous R&D project, INNOFOOT (Innovative Treatment of Foot Disorders COLL-CT-2006-030468). INNOFOOT generated training materials with a generic syllabus not specifically addressed to the particular professional profiles of different countries.

TrainOrthot will create and validate four courses adapted to Slovakians, Czeches, Spaniards and English professionals in the Foot Orthopaedic Sector and Vocational Training students to facilitate the access to the life-long learning. Researchers from the participating R&D centres will act as course tutors, bridging the gap between R&D´s and companies (especially SME´s), regarding emerging technologies and innovative materials.